The first thing that had impressed me about you was your unlimited energy levels. You were like a fire-brigade! Rushing to help by doing what you can do! You amazed me by how you used your hurdles to take you ahead in life. As I spent days and months with you, your inherent generous nurturing nature helped me grow too. Your positive energy seems to grow by sharing! You have a deep spiritual side to you which leaks out in whatever you do. You are naturally empathetic towards people around you! You touch the personal sides of your patients. You care enough to look beyond prescriptions. You are a complete doctor and a wonderful human being. 

You are amongst the people who have affected me and made me what I am! -- Dr. Poornima who worked as resident under me in Apollo

Message from Pavithra now in Malaysia - Secretary when Dr. Prithika Chary set up the Wellness centre in Apollo

It is difficult to find the right words to say to someone who means so much to me. But i have tired my level best to put it down for a special person like you. You are wonderful teacher,boss, leader and a great friend. You are everything one could look for in a good mentor. You groomed me to be sound professional and made working with you an interesting and memorable experience. You have been an exemplary and visionary mentor, a great leader, a strong women who has dedicated life to the service of humanity. I appreciate and treasure everything you have taught me. Not only in your fantastic profession, but you have also proven yourself to be a loving and caring person. Your life is worth of emulation and I am proud to learn from you and would consider myself lucky for having had your mentor ship. I admire your boldness, diligence and your unwavering purpose. You have shown me how to be more effective and a socially responsible human being. I have learned from you the value of tolerance, patience and humanity. You have taught me so many things from how to coordinate work, how to be pleasing and presentable, how to face life hurdles and what not......you are really my source of inspiration of how a woman should face life. Much more or write Mam. Thanks for being an excellent mentor and a great model. Love you doc 😍😍😍😍

I did a course for one year in image consulting, soft skills and train the trainer at Image Consulting Business Institute in 2016
My ICBI teacher (in her 30s ) had to write about an inspiration and role model in a form and she wrote this So Doc thank you for being my inspiration and doing all the amazing things you are doing. keep it up. Here's what I had written.
I have several role models who have shaped me throughout my life. However the most recent one is Dr. Pritika Chary. She's a leading neurologist in Kavery Hospital. I met her as a participant in my sessions at image consulting business institute. At the age of 71 ( not yet ha ha ) she is the youngest person I have met. On my first day I was pretty nervous about having someone of her age and caliber in my class. But when I met her she blew my mind away. She had such child like enthusiasm to learn, and so grounded that she made me want to be a better instructor. She still introduces me as her teacher to her friends. which always ends in a comedy of errors. But that showed her respect to everyone's knowledge and abilities and her confidence in her own skin. I witnessed her go through a cancer treatment as a single women leveraging all the support around her by herself without waiting for anything to be given to her. She has inspired me to be humble however high I climb in my life, age gracefully, Love myself and learn to find my own happiness without waiting for someone to make me happy.

Comments by friends and colleagues about the above message

That’s so nice to have someone look up to you.. --- Dr.Ajit Pai
So well said.. and I totally identify with it.. though I have never told or shown you the effect you have had on me during our short time together --- Kavita Sharma, Rotarian
That’s a pleasing letter. And indeed you are still sweet 16 at heart ma’am. --- Dr.Dhivya, Kauvery hospital
You are indeed an inspiration to all of us. Happy women's Day --- Dr.N.Sekar, Vascular Surgeon
Knowing you...your journey throughout..you surely deserve this compliment.. --- Dr.Pravina Shah, Neurologist Mumbai
Congratulations Dr Prithika U are an inspiration to a lot of us. God bless U abundantly. -- Cherry friend
What a lovely note she penned. So wonderful. You are a constant gardener, learner, teacher --- Chandu Nair, Rotarian
How lovely! Congrats for being the inspiration. You should do a session at Temple City! -- Rekha Shetty, Rotarian
Absolutely you are awesome madam. I love you so much. God bless you madam. -- Sarada, GIGHS Principal
I do agree with her - Dr.Bhagyam, Radiologist ASH
Kiruthiga its not always easy to express the feelings explicitly especially in a group like this. I really appreciate your candid statements. Its very very true that Doc.has been an inspiration to all of us. Also to appreciate one another in today's competitive world has become a rare feature. Wish you go places and be as humble as ever. -- Radhikaa Nair, Former in charge ICBI
I second u Krithika! U expressed in a nice way! Doc is a great inspiration to all! I love to meet her whenever possible and I get a lot of love and positive energy every time I meet her! -- Selvi, Classmate ICBI
Yeah very very true..she is truly vivacious..inspiring and contagious with her smile..--- Fello student ICBI
Well expressed kirthiga!! Can’t agree more.. Doc you are truly an inspiration to each one of us here. --- Esha, Fellow student ICBI
How wonderfully articulated. Truth in every word.I too owe it to you Doc. You are an angel to so many.love.you loads. God bless you. I will be always be thank ful to you for making me realize what I was and what I am. When when I was down with no hope nor interest to move on your recognition and motivation has pulled me up. Thank you for that.happy woman's day.-- Patricia, Owner Sandeepa hotels Chennai