Step aside, for I am on my way
Though neither of us chose to stray
Making the other unable to stay
I’d like to get along if I may
Let’s both begin a brand new day
Our life together had its charms
Love there was to fill our arms
Somewhere, sometime what was warm
Became cold and though there is no harm
Time it is for us to pay the price
For the fire within has turned to ice.
Let’s hence part as friends, and set fresh trends
Where you and I can still laugh & talk
And maybe even go for a walk
The spark has gone, but there is no hate,
For us to each other bait
So God speed my love, let’s hold together the peace dove
So as we each go on our own road
Our friendship glows among the horde
‘Cos love spent can still be nice
Let us therefore create
The miracle of fire within the ice.

We each have all the time
All 86.4 K seconds each day
Its all ours to sign
And spend in whatever way
We choose
There will be bad times and sad times,
Mixed with the good times and happy times
There are a lot of easy times
And some hard times
But we only need to know
That our love times and live times Are more than our low times and down times
The tears we weep are only some times
The smiles we keep are most times
So let us make our most times into more times
And really live life the whole time

When you long to love, and be loved in return, why not me ?
When you care, and ask for a share, why not me ?
When you have a need, and fill with greed, why not me ?
Is wanting what you want from me, something only I see,
When life is as vast as the sea, is there no life for me ?

What is this ?
This fear in my heart, this churning in my gut
Haven’t I been here before ?
Did you say something ?
What are those sounds I hear ?
Ah! Now my head spins and my eyes blur and I know not where I am

Oh dear, says Mum holding me in her arms
What I see makes you lose all your charms
You chew and you twitch
Your personality makes a switch
This confused, wandering creature is not you
You rub your hands so, you moan and you groan
Thank God it is only for a while
Slowly you start to smile
Slowly and surely, as precisely as it began
It fades and wanes
You are normal again
And you lay yourself down

I am awake, I am alive, but there is no control
I wait and I fear once more
And so does Mum as she watches and fears again and again

Will drugs do the trick ?
Can we cut away the brain which is sick ?
Let us see they say
Some tests we’ll do if you can stay

Wires around my head, breathing hard, flashing lights
A whirring magnet circles my head
Pictures, words, questions, ink blots
What makes me talk, what makes me tick
After this lot, the doctors confer
Aha, concordant they shout
Things match and this should work

So off to the operation theatre I go
The main actor in this surgical stage
To become seizure free before I age.

Wails and smiles, bibs and napkin soils
Secure at mother’s breast,
Her touch and smile pure delight

Building blocks and tearing socks
Climbing stairs and hugging bears
Nursery rhymes and pantomime
Bandaged knees and bedtime whines

Tasting, touching, seeing, hearing
Running, climbing, jumping, hopping
Creches, colds and biscuit crumbs
Fears, faints and painful tums

Days fly as time rolls by
Never to return once gone by
We need to be there to care and share
To see those eyes with wonder stare

My heart is like a luscious pear, soft & fresh & easy to tear,
The skin so fine that pressure can bruise & blacken its colour so fair
Hold it gently and pack it loose, & firm and fragrant it will stay Loving life in work and play.
From the flesh the juices flow,
Treated right you can see the glow
But squash the fruit and the flavour goes
As does my heart when hit with blows

Each heart needs love to live & grow, like a pear needs care
And water and air
So just be gentle and do not throw
Hate and spite which lay me bare
My tender heart to rip and tear
Like a crushed pear

Treat me nice, treat me good,
And if you really, really should
Like for a luscious pear, just let me have some air
For bruise me if you should, my heart would rot and turn to wood
So remember to be kind and fair
And treat my heart like a luscious pear.