The pain, the incredible pain
Of my heavy hurting heart
The anguish of isolation
The stress and strain
Of knowing that like Abel and Cain
None will be my keeper

The knife goes deeper
That such silence becomes her
Past favours and benefits laid aside
In the name of ego and pride
The realization cuts my soul asunder
My cry of distress loud as thunder

Is this my call, oh God ?
To let go and shake off the family pod ?
To come closer, to rise higher
To let go of all desire
Out of the herd, free as a bird
Soaring with singleminded aim
The rest of my life to glorify Thy name ?

I have naught
The emptiness overwhelms me
Yet your love fills me
Your voice says “Fear not “ and your grace soothes me
I feel like a pendulum

Swinging from panic to peace
One moment so calm, next moment restless
Tears feel like balm, when fears are countless
Comfort me Oh Lord
Take my hand and lead me
And no matter how hard
I can be strong with Thee beside me

A beautiful day, my dreams fulfilled
To serve and say, I did it, I succeeded
A loud crash, a thud behind
A nasty bash, a mangled metal mess
You have been kind
Saving me with your caress

That day I felt my work was done
And that I had to move on
Your reminder came with a bang
“I need you there”your voice sang

I surrendered, I served
I gave myself, I loved
My compassion flowed
Like a river in spate
Opening like a floodgate

Yet today, confused and sad
I feel I have been bad
For through all this
My ego did seek the bliss
Of love, concern and care in return

Tell me Thy purpose for me, Oh Lord
For the loneliness and exhaustion bear me down
And it is really very hard To find a reason to live on

I’ve done enough, I’m worn out
Listless, lethargic, in ‘burnout’
To close my eyes, to shut the door
Too tired to settle any score
To disappear, to vaporize
The peace of death to embrace

Exhaustion drags my feet
People I don’t want to meet
To tear away my mask
To say “I am not okay”
To leave alone the task
Of ensuring everyone else is okay

Regressing to my foetal state
Amid tears my life I try to recreate

Paradise – a word I once heard
Hope of pleasures untold
Nature in colours bold
Landscapes in silver and gold
Only in heaven to behold

But paradise on earth I saw
Pausing as I did one day
In the rush of life, with the door ajar
The sky was blue and flowers too
In orange, pink and purple hue
In their midst, I saw the mist
Atop grey mountains sunkissed

A bubbling brook, a flowery bower
Bees sucking nectar in every nook
The swaying trees, the gentle breeze
A light shower, the full power
Of Natures palette laid out for me

What made me wait, unable to see
I asked myself, lost in some sick haze
Did I have to lose my gaze
To see before me these colours of Paradise ?

Success is just the ability
To focus and change
Just the flexibility and agility
To fall and rise again, despite any pain or gain

It is sociability – which is an asset
It is capability – an absolute must
It is visibility – the intangible crust
It is accessability – which clears the dust
It is compatability – which is just
But not commonality which leads to rust

So build up your speciability
And develop your appealability
So you have the doability
To maximize your desirability
And succeed you will
With your basic skill

Intentions are important
For bad ones can haunt
And good ones are sacrosanct

But intentions without action
Fail in their final execution
For how can the good be felt
If intentions are not manifest

So having good intentions, one should
Demonstrate them and show them when one could
For intentions alone, however good
Need to be seen and felt to do the good

Intentions alone don’t get the job done
And to the recipient it is no fun
For mind readers we are not
And intentions are mere thoughts
That we convey and don’t hide
For how is one to know what is not seen outside ?

Spring in New York city
Kaleidoscope of Red, green and yellow
Mixed with the colours of Uncle Sam
White, Black, Brown and Yellow
The world is here, making this their world
In America – the colours of Uncle Sam

Summer it is, skin goes bare
Hot and humid, with thunderstorms to scare
Wild lilies, orange and pretty Sweet peas, dancing to a ditty
Shining white beaches
Blue seas with good catches
One sees again the colours of Uncle Sam

Autumn colours brown, orange and yellow
People of the world, people of every colour
Now people of America
Black, white, yellow and brown
All of them now the colours of Uncle Sam