About Creative Karma

I work with 20-45 year olds achieve maximum quality of life after a LIFE or HEALTH CHALLENGE through resilience building using neuroscience.
To book a session & to know more call 73388 38752 between 8.30 am & 9.30 am or 5 pm to 6 pm Monday to Friday.
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CREATIVE KARMA is Dr. Prithika Chary’s brainchild to make people lead better and happier and healthier lives.

Through Creative Karma Dr. Prithika Chary uses her knowledge of

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner),
  • Image Consulting ( Qualified by Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), India),
  • Training skills ( City & Guilds of London certified trainer and ICBI trainer (NABET & Scottish Qualifications accredited) and
  • Soft Skills ( ICBI certified)

To enable a person to be their best in every sphere of their lives.

What do we offer?

  • Education about the functioning of the brain to enhance brain potential
  • Understanding the spirit-mind-brain-body link and tapping into it for self-healing and improving outcome after illness and to enhance the quality of Life despite limitations. Health coaching.
  • Leadership education – Soft skills, Life skills, Power thinking, Self-esteem and Self-confidence, Image management, life coaching
  • Flagship program: Be Your Best with Dr Prithika Chary combining all this to provide holistic personal development and 360-degree mind-body fitness and life balance and wellness

Who can benefit from these services?

  • Anyone interested in improving their cognitive abilities by better understanding how the brain works
  • Anyone interested in personal growth to be their best internally (soft skills, life skills, emotional intelligence etc.) and externally ( image management)
  • Anyone wanting to reinvent themselves and their capabilities constantly
  • Anyone keen on maintaining or improving their wellness holistically (physical, emotional, mental, social)
  • Parents & Teachers wanting to help their children attain their maximum potential by understanding changes that occur in the brain during its crucial stages of development
  • Anyone wanting to develop their leadership qualities

How am I uniquely qualified to provide these services?

  • Have been passionate about making the brain and nervous system user-friendly to the common man since 1994 through Creative Karma
  • Have been doing workshops, lectures, seminars, etc. since then for the lay, paramedical and medical audiences on various aspects of brain functions
  • Have now learnt how to reach a wider audience through digital means of information dissemination
  • Have individually counselled and guided several patients to better health outcomes and recovery afterlife challenges
  • Regularly, college and medical students and nurses have guided the school to be confident and nurture leadership qualities.
  • The worst tragedy is not facing death but failing to live Life to the fullest.
  • The overwhelming philosophy behind Creative Karma is Karma Yoga – the yoga of action in a spirit of the divine with full effort and oblivious to the fruits of action. Performing all we are destined to do spiritually, with all our effort, joy and service without expectations is Karma yoga. We recognize and accept our highest, most authentic selves and become the best we can be.
  • This enables us to lead lives useful to ourselves and others, improve our sense of community, and win-win.
  • When we lead a life of awareness and good intention with full involvement in what we do with joy and love, Life becomes meaningful and pleasant.
  • And even when things go wrong, our ability to view it as a necessary element to enhance our growth makes resources appear as and when we need it so we can work it out.
  • Reaching this state of quiet adequate, elegant composure can be learned with proper understanding and guidance.
  • Under our program “Be your best with Dr. Prithika Chary “we undertake one on one/one to group coaching.

Kindly complete the “I want to be my best “request form if you are interested.

We do regular lectures, seminars, webinars, workshops, and skill training programs for corporations, schools, colleges, social associations, and organizations. To request Dr. Prithika Chary to talk at your event, contact us as below.

Email [email protected] or Call +91 73388 38752

Pro bono lectures and 2-hour mini-workshops can be negotiated for NGO s and Social organizations.

The chief resource person for all our programs is Dr Prithika Chary, a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon for the past 45 years. She is also a qualified NLP master practitioner, Soft skills trainer, and Image Consultant. All our offerings are based on the latest findings in neuroscience and on brain-based learning strategies.

Dr Prithika Chary has given over 500 such talks and is lauded for her clear speech, simple presentation of complicated facts, and impactful transformation. She is sought after for her wisdom, compassion, and belief that Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and not endured.

She has been an invited speaker to IT companies, banks, corporates, government institutions, IIMs, management associations, women’s associations, Dyslexia Association, Spastic societies, private high profile schools and colleges. She has been a TED speaker thrice in Chennai on IQ, EQ, SQ/Simple solutions for better healthcare/The making of EPICENTRE.

Her stress management workshops for border security force, senior armed forces officers, coast guard, senior bank officials and IT professionals and the general public including homemakers, students and everyday people are a great hit. She does workshops on gender diversity and inclusion (Gender and the brain), on relationships ( The Chemistry of love), on coping and resilience ( Stress Fitness ), graceful ageing ( The ageing brain), on growth and development of children with particular focus on teenagers ( The Child’s brain 0-5 years and 11-25 years), wellness and balanced living ( IQ, EQ, SQ – the ultimate intelligence, Life is waiting – where are you?, Power thinking, etc.), soft skills, and personal branding are trendy and in great demand.

Trainings We Offer


Our soft skills training programs are done as lectures, seminars, webinars, workshops and group coaching.

Soft skills in the workplace, soft leadership skills, soft skills for managers, soft skills and personality development, soft skills training for students, people soft skills, soft skills training the trainer are all areas covered in our programs tailored to suit individual needs.

Hard skills are job-related knowledge and abilities that employees need to perform their job duties effectively.

On the other hand, soft skills are the personal qualities that help employees thrive in the workplace. Soft skills are personal habits and traits that shape how we work on our own and with others.

In the 21st century, these soft skills are life skills and more important for job readiness and to thrive instead of merely surviving in today’s world. Skills like critical thinking, collaboration and integrity are more sought after than hard skills that can be taught if inadequate.

These skills are integrity, dependability, effective communication, open-mindedness, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, adaptability, empathy, organization and a willingness to learn. EQ or EI or Emotional Intelligence is predicted to be the most essential quality looked for in employees by corporations and Fortune 500 companies.

We offer image consulting services that include making an impressive first impression through appearance, grooming, dress, body language, communication and behavioral characteristics like soft skills.

Personal image consulting will focus on wardrobe, skincare, grooming and hygiene, etiquette and manners, life coaching, corporate skills, small businesses, dating, modelling, hair, nails, and makeup.

Together with our brain enhancement and neurolinguistic programming inputs, it helps a person be their best inside and outside, projecting an authentic, attractive, appealing and individual personal brand identity.

Succeeding in a career requires expertise in the field, soft skills and leadership qualities and ways of projecting oneself and conveying one’s ideas in an impactful way without being overwhelming or aggressive.

All jobs require the ability to speak clearly and relevantly, make presentations, submit projects, to lead a team and enable collaboration with no conflict.

We offer soft skills, stress management, work-life balance, gender diversity and relationship improvement, image consulting ( internal and external image management), interview skills, leadership styles, etc.

Some popular topics are listed below :

General Audience

  • The power of positive habits
  • The human brain – a user’s manual
  • Gender differences and the brain (emphasis on gender diversity)
  • The Child’s brain ( 0-5 years ) especially for parents and primary school teachers
  • The Adolescent brain ( 10-20 years ) especially for teen parents and secondary school teachers
  • The Ageing brain ( 60+ ) for people aged 30+ years as graceful ageing happens by what you do at this age / and senior citizens.
  • Stress Fitness – useful for all segments of the population including special programs for teens

Work-life balance

  • Power thinking

For students

  • The Learning brain -Brain-based learning
  • The ultimate intelligence
  • Presentation skills
  • Soft skills for job readiness
  • The Enriched Classroom

Online classes in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Epileptology:

As courses and individual coaching classes Call:+91 73388 38752 or Email:[email protected] to Know More

All neurology topics for undergraduate and postgraduate students and general medical audiences

  • Work-life balance
  • Stress fitness
  • Presentation skills
  • Ethics in Medicine
  • SQ in Medicine
  • Professionalism in Medicine
  • Communication skills for medical and paramedical professionals

Medical topics for lay audiences

  • Various neurological topics such as Stroke, Dementia, Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal and Head injury and many more.
  • We also organize panel discussions with multidisciplinary experts on various disease conditions and wellness initiatives as events for organizations.

Image Consulting

Wardrobe management, Clustering, Body image, Personal Style, Etiquette, social skills and soft skills