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121 with Dr Prithika Chary

Dr. Prithika Chary is a world renowned neuro surgeon cum neuro physician with 45 years of experience. She is a medical expert and life coach and has helped 1000s of people recover from brain and mind related issues to lead a happy life again.

Book a One to One Private Coaching session with Dr Prithika Chary

Single Session 121 for 30mins on Zoom
    • This session can be used to meet Dr.Prithika Chary & provide & obtain initial information as to whether your problem is something she can help you with.
    • It is also used by clients who have done longer coaching programs with her as an optional followup session when they need help.
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Package One
    • 60 minutes once a week for 6 weeks
    • This package will help you identify your strengths & weaknesses & enable you to develop strategies for overcoming negative habits & developing positive habits
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Package Two
    • 90 minutes once a week for 6 weeks
    • Rewrite content of package one here + you will develop specific strategies to maintain momentum & commitment through weekly activities
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Package Three
    • 60 minutes once a week for 12 weeks
    • Habit formation takes 21 to 66 days & in this program you will develop new, long lasting positive habits & learn to adapt to change & work around adversity
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Package Four
    • 90 minutes once a week for 12 weeks
    • This package brings about massive transformation & is backed by after support for further one month with 2 free 121 phone calls for 15 minutes a call
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A Gem of Inspiration: Dr. Prithika Chary’s Unforgettable Journey

What caught my eyes was this beautiful book by Dr.Prithika Chary. The butterfly really drew me in, and I was hoping I could see her and share my wishes to her. Sadly she was in the hall already and some rampwalk was getting prepared so I told myself , let me pick up this book, for all of its proceed was going to charity anyways. Felt something so right and felt like as if the book had some message for me. Boy oh boy. Was I right? This has been the most gripping read all through these year. I couldn’t put the book down a second. In fact I was eating and still kept on reading, something which I never never never do. The story about the young girl and how it kept her alive kept me hooked. How life threw challenges after challenges into doctors life yet she perservered. My favourite part was ” Deadlines were necessary but stretchable, Dicipline was essential, but flexible. At the end of the day, only my unshakable core values of generosity, kindness and concern for others and doing my best mattered.” So many relatable points in the book. Thank you for writing this gem doc. I look forward to seeing you in person soon to learn more through your life’s learning. Trust the universe will align the stars. I am putting it all out there. A highly recommended read, pick it up if you can.

Dr. Karthika Kalimuthu

Be Well Hospitals, Chennai

Gratitude and Admiration: A Heartfelt Thank You to Dr. Prithika Chary

Good morning Dr,how are you feeling today? Read your 📖 book enjoyed it,love the way you have told your story. Not resorting to blame,accepting the challenges, and coming out stronger,is wonderful
Without too much of details,or endless explanations, it’s a lesson on telling a long story,in a happy and interesting way.
Thank you for sharing your life lessons with all of us. God bless you with, health, wealth, happiness and enable you to continue with your work.Bless you with inner peace.

Pushpa Rajendran

A long time friend, mother of my protege Dr.Bhuvaneswari & former Kennel Club President

Transformative Journey: Finding Peace and Calm Through Dr. Prithika Chary’s Courses

Hallo! I joined Dr Prithika Chary’s course on Rebooting Your Brain when i was going thro’ a lot of stress & did not know the way forward. I found a lot of peace when i started with the meditations guides that Ma’am had shared. I was able to handle happenings in a much better way by the time i finished the course. I then joined Manifesting Mindset Magic course. Again, following Ma’am’s tips, i have now become a lot more calm & composed in dealing with challenges that would have had me hyper & agitated earlier. I am immensely grateful to Ma’am for her guidance in showing & taking me on this new path.

Shanta Nayar

My focus is a lot better

Remarkable change in the way in thinking and doing my duties
My focus is a lot better
And the most important change I’m able to sustain the focus in my targets and actions


Truly Enlightening

Thank you mam for all the effort you took to share your knowledge with us. It was truly enlightening and I gained a lot of insight on working with my mindset and changing my life for better. Wish you good health and success in all you endeavors mam. Thanks again 😊.


Talk to Hypnotique circle

Dr, your session has received an overwhelmingly positive response from our members as you had them eat out of your hand. Your narration was seamless, language simple and the learnings so profound. Grateful to you for enlightening us and look forward to having you with us during our Golden Jubilee in July ’23.

Major V.V.Narayanan

incoming President Hypnotique circle Chennai

Feedback about Neuro Class

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude to you for making time for us to teach and explain these really profound topics in neurology and explain it in a manner anyone could grasp.

My favourite aspect of your teaching was what I got to learn from your experiences with the cases you faced and how you tackled them… Many of my doubts regarding seizures were very simplified when you taught that topic.

I would also like to laud you on bringing different Doctors from their respective fields to reach in depth about their specialties..

Thank you for those few weeks of sessions, I not only got to learn about the subject but also about general medical practice… It is helping me a lot during my internship

Especially your first class on Mini mental status exam helped me a lot as I got to perform it in my very first posting in KMC that was psychiatry…

Will definitely recommend this course to anyone for eye opening classes. My one email really can’t do justice to the intricate detail in which these sessions were conducted.

Malaika Abid

Final year MBBS student, Neuro class Batch one

Father of the Patient

My son had been under your care. My other child who had severe epilepsy apparently you had operated on her and she is now married has children and holds down a good job.

So many lives touched and changed Pritika you are blessed.

Mr. C.F

Feedback from a listener after my interview with Shreya Bajaj on Instalive on “ Mental health & Social media”

Your live session recording with Dr. Chary made my Sunday. It’s been one of the brightest way to start over committed Sunday…. Time for self and time to let the brain cells move away from the ever increasing weekend TO DO list.
I am thoroughly charged up with her way of looking at life… So much in sync with my thought process.
Thank you so much for making me e meet her.
I can just go on and on… Shreya… You yourself are doing such an amazing work. Love you dear.

Ms Shreya Bajaj

Feedback from Maithri F/16 years after a single 121 trial coaching session with Dr. prithika chary


I procrastinated a lot. I was very distracted. I used to see a lot of tv. Didn’t know how to study. Didn’t know how to manage time.


I am aware whenever I procrastinate but I’m not able to avoid it but I’m able to manage to finish everything while procrastinating. The amount of distractions have reduced. I am able to study and manage time better comparitively.

Ms Maithri

Underwent Epilepsy Surgery in 2000

Dear Dr. Prithika Chary, Special Gratitude wishes to you for making my very first EEG, done in two separate hospitals for assurance, ‘Normal’!! Wish to share my Gratitude and Delight with the Doctor who enabled this!
Lots of love and health,

Joya, B'lore

Dr. Prithika Chary

Feedback on webinar on The Alchemist

Thank you so much for enlightening us with this Alchemist story Mam! The way you connect the relevant message with the story was very impressive? Selvi of Image Consulting Business Institute

I thoroughly enjoyed…I
Very well explained ??

Dr.Pravina Shah Neurologist

Joya Lakshman patient

Many thanks once again Dr Chary- for a beautifully -summarized ‘deep’ story… summarized by a wonder-surgeon/ Dr!


Dr. Prithika Chary

Stress Management

Prithikas talk on “stress management” was simple practical and to be implemented.
She explained most complicated topics like psychoneuro immunology was worth listening to.
Feedback on talk for students of Sathyabhama college Rotaracters on talk on “Stress Management” done on behalf of Rotary Club of Madras Temple City on World Mental Health day 10/10/2021

Dr. Prithika Chary

Dr. Prithika Chary

Dr. Prithika Chary

Son of the patient

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your dedication and talent in taking care of my mother these past few years when my mother had a TIA in San Fransisco it was a shock to all of us. We decided to return to Madras for treatment. We turned to the internet and your name stood out amongst them for your qualifications and experience. It is not often you find good individuals and it is even rarer to find individuals with talent and experience who care for others. I think God has given you that rare combination. When my mother had to undergo surgery after the angiogram, you stayed till the surgery was over and informed my father even though this had nothing to do with your department. And you had had a really long day. There were several such instances where your dedication and personal care was amazing. It is a satisfaction for people like us who see more of the impersonal, capitalistic,insurance driven doctors here in the US to see genuine medical professionalism like you back in our home country. I am confident my mother is in good hands.”

Srikanth Desikan

Dr. Prithika Chary

On be your best workshop

Fantastic start to the year, thank you Dr.Prithika for giving us the vision toacheiv e our goals and be on the right path. Am sure all of our dreams and goals are going to come alive. Great learning and bonding with fellow team mates. Keep up the spirit throughout 2020. Thank you doctor for guiding us and inspiring us. A vision is not just a picture of what could be. It is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. Thank you for leading us there. Awesome session with the one and only Dr.Prithika Chary.