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Adolescent Brain 12-21 yrs

Dr. Prithika Chary is the first and only lady Neurophysician cum Neuro Surgeon in India. She is well known for her practice in Chennai since 1974. She has helped thousands of patients recover from various neurological illnesses through her knowledge, expertise and ethical caring. She has always focused in enabling psychosocial recovery, inclusion back into community and quality of life, in addition to formal treatment strategies.

About the course.

The course has the following modules and can be watched at your own pace and any number of times. The course is available for your life time.

The course has the following modules:

Neurobiology of Teen Brain
The Teen & You
Parenting for the Future

Dr. Prithika Chary’s own experience and recovery from cancer.
During her recovery from rectum cancer, Dr. Prithika Chary applied many of these strategies on her own body and miraculously won against the cancer.

Her life threatening experience revealed a secret message to her. The message that our body has a very powerful inbuilt defense system through spirit-mind-brain-body-immune connection. And by tapping into this vital connection, it is possible to heal your body, stay well and improve outcomes after severe illness without excessively relying only on external medical support.

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