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Ergonomics & Office Yoga

Ergonomics is the study of fitting the work or job to the individual.

It helps to study health & safety in the working environment and it’s effect on productivity.

In simple terms it is learning how to position and align our bodies to the job we are doing so we feel minimal or no stress.

Since our body types vary, a lot of design goes into what works for most people.

Poorly designed workstations and poor working practices can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.(MSD)

Adopting the right sitting,standing,moving postures can help us avoid these MSD’s.

In this webinar we analyse right and wrong postures, and offer do’s and dont’s especially for working from home.

The 20-20-20 rule for tired eyes, the positioning of computers, tablets and mobiles, breathing techniques to relieve stress and the use of hand mudras to ease stress are all discussed.

Make working from home less stressful and more healthy following these tips

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