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Positivity, Possibility & Productivity

In these challenging times we need to not only stay positive, but have to develop the ability to see opportunity in difficulty. This is called possibility thinking.

The Brain has a natural negativity bias and one has to make a conscious, active effort to over ride this. The negativity bias is meant to keep us safe, but can lead to complacency out of fear.

To be productive where we are, with what we have requires courage, and a can do mindset, with action.

In this webinar Dr.Prithika Chary, one of India’s leading neurologists and the only lady to be both a Neurophysician & Neurosurgeon tells you how to adopt positivity, possibility & productivity with simple everyday behaviours.

Once we learn to accept reality, and grasp it by the horns we can handle any crisis if we know a few basic steps.

Learn here how you can do this.

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