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Productivity 101

Dr. Prithika Chary is a well known neurologist cum neurosurgeon, life coach & brain health coach.

In this webinar she shares tips and strategies which have helped her stay productive during the pandemic

Watch this recording to overcome these pain points

Feeling helpless and unproductive
Finding it difficult to focus in a distracted, chaotic world?
Are there tools to help improve productivity ?
Need better ways for time & mind management

There is more than one system you can learn to be more productive. In this I share my secret tips and tools which have worked for me.

With the current world scenario of a raging pandemic and a sense of overwhelm, countries, governments and individuals are struggling to remain productive to sustain some economic stability.

Individual responsibility and productivity despite limitations is the need of the day

In this recorded webinar know how to remain productive in spite of challenges & limitations
Learn the 5 steps to Getting things done

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