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Stroke Golden Hour

Healthcare Award

Ladies-க்கு மூளையே இல்ல; வெறும் அழகுதான்'னு கிண்டல் பண்ணுவாங்க! -Cancer Survivor Prithika Chary

International Conference on the Future of Medical Education - 22 Nov 2021

Stroke Golden Hour

Healthcare Award

Creative Karma Virtual Club Birthday Launch

Dr. Prithika Chary At Duchess Club

Understanding The Teen Brain

Walk Of Hope 2015-16 Flag Off- Felicitation By Dr Prithika Chary

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The Necessity Of Inventing Innovations: Dr.Prithika Chary At TEDxSairam

OYE Talk - Lessons From Life

Neurorehabilitation Dr Prithika Chary

How Can You Prevent A Seizure

Dr Prithika Chary - The Hindu Excellence In Healthcare Award March 2019

A Talk On Parkinson's Disease Ageing Brain Series Part 03

IMPA Woman of Substance

Testimonial Of Parents Of Persons With Epilepsy

Dr Prithika Chary​

Dr Prithika Chary