A full life with everyone, like everyone in spite of epilepsy


  • Emphasis on psychosocial rehabilitation and quality of life
  • Employment, education, marriage, childbirth etc without stigma or marginalisation
  • Most epilepsy is controllable, in some instances even curable with proper diagnosis, accurate treatment, good compliance and adequate follow up

Epilepsy Centre In Chennai


  • Started in June 1994 by Dr.Prithika Chary as sole properietrix to provide comprehensive day care for people with epilepsy specialist
  • Multidisciplinary assessment, accurate and compassionate treatment with attention to quality of life issues
  • When we started we were the first such a centre
  • We had inhouse Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Psychiatrist, Physician, Cardiologist, Paediatrician, Psychologist, Speech therapist and Dietitian
  • The first centre was spread over 4500 sq. ft.
  • Four consultation suites, Lab collection centre, ECG, analog and digital video EEG, and multidisciplinary team were in this centre
  • In 1997 it moved to Apollo Speciality Hospital where epilepsy specialist and surgery was initiated in 1998 and continued to function there till 2003 using the hospital infrastructure and cross consultation with specialists
  • We entered VHS in October 2018 and are now actively building up the centre
  • In 2003 even the EEG lab services were outsourced leaving me free to focus on clinical delivery of epilepsy services without the diversion of administrative duties
  • Since 2005, an additional office and clinic operated at Tnagar with consultations at Apollo Main hospital as Division of Epileptology
  • Since 2012 EPICENTTRE has been working out of Kauvery hospital Alwarpet.
  • One of the important thrusts of training was to improve epilepsy awareness to remove stigna, discrimination and marginalization
  • Programs in schools, colleges, villages through support groups are conducted
  • Regular celebration of National Epilepsy Day on November 17th every year with EPILEPSY month with camps and awareness sessions
  • Celebration of Purple Day on March 26th and International Epilepsy Day on second Monday of February every year spreads awareness
  • Since 1998 more than 100 epilepsy surgeries with excellent outcome have been referred and facilitated by (Epilepsy centre in chennai) EPICENTTRE
  • Annually we see over 500 patients with epilepsy and 15% of them are difficult to treat cases who may benefit from surgery
  • Support group members put up a play on epilepsy awareness and this was made into a video which is very informative. Collage workshops, painting and essay competitions, etc.,

Will anyone use the services of Epilepsy Centre?

  • 1 in 10 people can have a fit/seizure some time in their lives, while 1 in 150/200 have chronic recurrent fits or epilepsy
  • Epilepsy is the commonest neurological disorder in adolescence
  • Epilepsy is the third commonest neurological disorder seen in the emergency room after stroke and head trauma
    With increasing awareness of availability of excellent services, and abolition of stigma and shame more people with epilepsy will access specialised services when available

Benefits of EPICENTTRE

In depth expertise and knowledge in managing all types of epilepsies, experience in both medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy, and focus on psychosocial and quality of life issues to enable people with epilepsy can study, work, marry, have a family and live fulfilled lives as part of the community

Services of EPICENTTRE

  • People with newly diagnosed epilepsy needing confirmation of their diagnosis
  • People with single seizures anxious to know if they have epilepsy
  • People with difficult to control epilepsy needing special guidance and care
  • The regular person with epilepsy wanting to be under the care of a neurologist specializing in epilepsy
  • We also see epilepsy mimics who are misdiagnosed as epilepsy but have some other problem