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What I do

Rewiring brains, Improving mindsets, Better health outcomes, Stress hardiness and Balanced lives

My Skills

Brain expert, Certified soft skills trainer, Certified NLP master practitioner and Image consultant



Creative Karma

  • CREATIVE KARMA is Dr Prithika Chary’s brainchild to make people lead better and happier and healthier lives.
  • Through Creative Karma Dr Prithika Chary uses her knowledge of
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner),
  • Image Consulting ( Qualified by Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), India)

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Creative Karma Virtual Club in chennai


Creative Karma Virtual Club

  • We are going through disturbing times and feel uncertain & confused.
  • This scenario is likely to last at some level at least for another two years.
  • Do you wish you could socialize and surround yourself with people who lift you up & encourage you?
  • Do you want to see yourself transform into a fulfilled, joyous, efficient, productive person in less than a year?
  • Are you feeling lonely with your problems and eager to flip to a more positive state?

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Be Your Best

This is a flagship Creative Karma Program developed to provide health and life coaching to enable wellness and improve outcome after illness.

It incorporates principles from NLP, soft skills training, leadership training, behavior training, coaching, image management, work life balance etc The program provides guidance for an individual to become stress fit, with a balance between mind, brain, body and spirit to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives and develop resilience and courage to face life difficulties, especially personal illness.

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Current Programs

aloha caregiver virtual club

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On be your best workshop Fantastic start to the year, thank you Dr.Prithika for giving us the vision to achieve our goals and be on the right path. Am sure all of our dreams and goals are going to come alive. Great learning and bonding with fellow team mates. Keep up the spirit throughout 2020. Thank you doctor for guiding us and inspiring us. A vision is not just a picture of what could be. It is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. Thank you for leading us there. Awesome session with the one and only Dr.Prithika Chary.

stress management Prithikas talk on "stress management" was simple practical and to be implemented. She explained most complicated topics like psychoneuro immunology was worth listening to. Feedback on talk for students of Sathyabhama college Rotaracters on talk on “Stress Management” done on behalf of Rotary Club of Madras Temple City on World Mental Health day 10/10/2021

Joya Lakshman patient Many thanks once again Dr Chary- for a beautifully -summarized 'deep' story... summarized by a wonder-surgeon/ Dr!

Feedback on webinar on The Alchemist Thank you so much for enlightening us with this Alchemist story Mam! The way you connect the relevant message with the story was very impressive? Selvi of Image Consulting Business Institute I thoroughly enjoyed...I Very well explained ??

Dr.Pravina Shah Neurologist

Feedback from Maithri F/16 years after a single 121 trial coaching session with Dr. prithika chary Before I procrastinated a lot. I was very distracted. I used to see a lot of tv. Didn't know how to study. Didn't know how to manage time. After I am aware whenever I procrastinate but I'm not able to avoid it but I'm able to manage to finish everything while procrastinating. The amount of distractions have reduced. I am able to study and manage time better comparitively.

Ms Maithri

Feedback from a listener after my interview with Shreya Bajaj on Instalive on “ Mental health & Social media” Your live session recording with Dr Chary made my Sunday. It's been one of the brightest way to start over committed Sunday. ... Time for self and time to let the brain cells move away from the ever increasing weekend TO DO list. I am thoroughly charged up with her way of looking at life... So much in sync with my thought process. Thank you so much for making me e meet her. I can just go on and on... Shreya... You yourself are doing such an amazing work. Love you dear. ?????

Ms Shreya Bajaj