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The Secret to Your Body Rhythms

Understand what is biological clock, how it works and how to align your daily activities in sync with your body clock.

What is body clock and Why should I know?
Sun and the nature follows the cycles of time creating a beautiful rhythms like day/night, winter/summer, spring/fall etc.

Your mind and body also follows rhythms of cycles i.e. being fresh and active in the early morning or early evening of the day and dull in the afternoon.

Do you know, your body has a clock like our wall clock which keeps ticking every moment while you are awake or even while you fall asleep?⏲️

The clock controls your habits, behavior, thinking patterns etc. We call it biological clock and it creates beautiful rhythms in our life.

Unfortunately most of you are not aware of the beautiful rhythms your body and mind follows.

If you align your daily work timings, your leisure activities, resting period, sleeping period etc. you can achieve happiness and success in your lives.

If your activities are opposite to your natural rhythm then you suffer from sleeplessness, tiredness, frequent anxiety etc.

I am going to teach you in the video, the secret knowledge on -how your body and mind works in the beautiful rhythms.

After you learn these secrets, you can customize your daily routine as per your mind/body rhythms.

What you will learn from this video:

The best time to think and take critical decisions. or study tough subjects.
The correct time for doing physical exercises.

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