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Creative Karma Club Membership

Unlock Your Potential & master resilience with the Creative Karma Club

Are you striving to regain quality of life after a life or health challenge in spite of limitations and disability ?
Do you want to be your best without sacrificing your health or relationships?

Welcome to the Creative Karma Club, where we have revolutionized personal growth with our practical, science-backed resilience strategies. Just like Brendon Burchard’s focus on the science of high performance, our membership program is designed to support your journey towards mastering stress fitness and turning adversity into your advantage.

Why Creative Karma Club? Because we understand what you need:

  • Better Life and Resilience Strategies
  • Guidance from Expert Mentors
  • Effective Tools for Everyday Challenges

What do we offer?

  • Weekly Insights & Powerful Strategies
  • Jump-start your mornings with our Resilience Ripple Huddle from Monday to Friday, 7 to 7:30 AM. Dr. Prithika Chary delivers daily inspirations, brain hacks, and energy tips, ensuring you start your day with a boost of positivity and empowerment.
  • Deep Dive Learning Sessions
  • Begin each month with a focused 60-minute Masterclass. Dive deeper in our 90-minute Mastermind Sessions mid-month, learning to integrate resilience practices seamlessly into your life. From time to time we will also be having guest mentors to bring you their perspectives on the topic of the month
  • Interactive Support
  • Engage in our monthly 60-minute Ask Me Anything Q&A Sessions with live coaching from Dr. Chary, tailored to address your unique challenges.

Membership Plans Packed with Value:

Exclusive Member Perks:
Enjoy free access to three-day WhatsApp classes and our quarterly two-day summit, featuring sessions from top resilience trainers.

Options for Non-Members:
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Where do the achievers go to develop themselves today? They join the Creative Karma Club!
Let’s make every day a great day to grow! Join us and be part of a community committed to excellence in every aspect of life.
Interested in starting your transformation? Connect with us to embark on this incredible journey to resilience and personal triumph!