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Reboot your Brain for Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from challenges & difficulties. It is the ability to overcome setbacks, adapt to change & push through in spite of ongoing limitations or adversity. It is perseverance with passion & grit.

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Who Can Join:

  • Have you recently undergone a life or health challenge & are struggling to regain quality of life ? Then you definitely need this
  • Are you fairly content with your life as it is now, but feel there is more to life & want to become stressfit, so when bad things happen you are ready to face it with power & courage ? This is the best time to gain these skills BEFORE life knocks you down.
  • Are you feeling stressed daily with the demands of school, College, housework, work demands & deadlines ? Are you bordering on burnout? It is time to step back & prioritise your life & take charge of your life & reclaim your personal power.

Why to Join:

To develop courage, endurance, ownership, responsibility for your life to create your own reality & design your destiny.

This course includes:

Weekly email videos every Friday’s for 10 weeks. Weekly live zoom group coaching for 2 hours every Monday’s with Daily action taking mini video assignments.