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Workshop Seminars

For General Audience For Students For Medical & Paramedical Audiences
The power of positive habits
Life is waiting – where are you?
Loving and forgiving yourself
The Chemistry of Love
Gender differences in the brain
The Creative Brain
The Child’s Brain
The Ageing Brain
The Loving Brain – Human social bonding
Power thinking
SQ for kids
Spiritual vs Physical healing
Stress and you
The Whole Brain – right & left Brain basics
Gender differences in the brain 
Mind-Brain-Body link
Relationship improvement
Increasing self esteem and self confidence
Improving your brain potential
Relaxation & Meditation techniques
Loving yourself and those around you
Stress Management
Making the Law of Attraction work for you – The Magnetic You
The Complete You – Work-Life balance

Principles of mind-brain learning
Multiple intelligences
Basics of brain development
How to study effectively
Coping with exam stress and fear
Learning strategies
Motivation and Attention
Memory Management
Speaking up – overcoming stage fright
Presentation skills
Learning windows
The Language Brain
Brain based teaching
The Enriched Classroom

The Ultimate Intelligence
Stress management
Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Ethics in Medicine
Love & Caring in Medicine
Spiritual dimensions of healing