When others forget your name,
When you have no fame,
Call me

When people you knew see through you
When they discard you like an old shoe,
Call me

When your eyes grow dim,

And the only song in your heart is a hymn,
Call me

When you wobble while you walk,
When you tremble when you talk,
Call me

When you are fragile and weak,
When your brain only keeps asking why you still tick,
Call me


Who is there
When things go wrong, and you need to be strong
Who is there
When your heart fills with fears, and your cheek wets with tears
Who is there
When life makes you bend and you need a friend
Who is there
When illness calls, through your pain and falls,
Who is there
When happiness fills you, to lift and bless you
Who is there through your ups and downs, your smiles and frowns
Who is there
In MY gain and pain, in MY stress and strain
I am there, have no fear, the Lord says
I need you there, others to love and care

Life is just a string of “L”s
Jingling on to the sound of bells
The gong strikes one, when we are born,
Then jangles on and on and on
Living is the first “L”
And anyone can tell, this can sometimes be hell
Yet those you often tripped and fell,
Rise up to ring life’s bell
Learning is the next “L”
For life will be pell mell, if from each of our falls we did not gel
Lessons no shop can sell
Making us in loud voices yell
We would easily our fears quell
Loving is another “L”
That is needed to keep us well
Giving breath to every cell
Making everyone who fell,
Rise out of their own hell
So live and learn and love
And you will find by jove
That life is the biggest “L”
Which we should learn to love and live well

I am the one, the only one who can live my life ill or well,
I am the one, the only one who can choose to do good or bad,
I am the one, the only one who can decide if life is heaven or hell,
I am the one, the only one who can say if I can win or lose,
I am the one, the only one who in the final count will be sad or glad

A smile devoid of guile, can change the most vile
And give them such a sense of style.
Even those who rant and rile, with bitter words like bile,
In the face of just a smile
Can move on that extra mile,
And moving on can keep a file
Of those who made their lives worthwhile.
For smiles don’t stop, but along the way do pile
And join up as miles & miles & miles of smiles.
So can you stop a little while and give me just a little smile ?

My heart is like a luscious pear, soft & fresh & easy to tear,
The skin so fine that pressure can bruise & blacken its colour so fair
Hold it gently and pack it loose, & firm and fragrant it will stay Loving life in work and play.
From the flesh the juices flow,
Treated right you can see the glow
But squash the fruit and the flavour goes
As does my heart when hit with blows

Each heart needs love to live & grow, like a pear needs care
And water and air
So just be gentle and do not throw
Hate and spite which lay me bare
My tender heart to rip and tear
Like a crushed pear

Treat me nice, treat me good,
And if you really, really should
Like for a luscious pear, just let me have some air
For bruise me if you should, my heart would rot and turn to wood
So remember to be kind and fair
And treat my heart like a luscious pear.